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Shadow's Christmas Crunch- Part 9 by TIShadster
Shadow's Christmas Crunch- Part 9
Tonight's recipients;

1) Noerusan and Atticus-Runemaster 
Presents for one of the loveliest couples I've had the pleasure of being friends with. And a special one for Mikoto, of whom I will always consider my little sister~ 

2) Benno950, STYDA, AstroBoyGF, BlueYoshi121, bioshocked1337 and Pinkiepony55
Gifts for the last of the Collaboration, and probably one of the cuter couples I've ever seen (and for Kitty's stellar VA work). I know I don't talk to most of you a lot, but damn it, you're some of the best friends I've had. Don't ever change.

3) AwesomeCasey795, TheShadowBiohazard, Commodor-Richter and kungfubellydancer  
Yet another tantalizing gift for a guy that I could only really call a little brother to me, and more presents for two other talented blokes and an equally talented gal. Commodor, thanks for being as smart as y'all've been, and Biohazard and Kungfu, thanks for just being cool friends in general, even if we don't speak much. Bless y'all~
Shadow's Christmas Crunch- Part 8 by TIShadster
Shadow's Christmas Crunch- Part 8
Tonight's recipients (and what a haul it was tonight):

1) RoboticArbiter, XtremeTerminator4, WitchyGmod and LemurfotArt   
I...think we may have slightly misplaced this delivery. But regardless, here's to another group of friends I do wish I could speak more to, 'specially Lemur. Though, I do have Xtreme and Witchy to thank for some fun times, and Arbiter for being a cool dude as well. Danke, kamerads~

2) valkyrie1312, MrHerryDermy, Halcoon-145, and noobykiller22
Here's to a small group of chaps I have to thank again for helping me get to where I am today, Halcoon and Zero especially (and sorry for forgetting your trenchcoat, Zero). If it weren't for you lot again, I wouldn't have quite the circle of friends I have. Bless your souls, each and every one of you~

3) TallyWackle, Zerus63, PC1073, TheDurkaArt and SfManiac 
Probably our biggest delivery yet, and rightfully so for a bunch of blokes I don't think I could ever forget. Thanks for putting up with me for this long and for just being cool to hang with in general. Hope those presents were big enough for y'all. 
Shadow's Christmas Crunch- Part 7 by TIShadster
Shadow's Christmas Crunch- Part 7
Tonight's recipients:

1) Jennabun, PurpleRoselyn, WubcakeVA and LuluDaMouse 
Gifts abound for probably the coolest group of VAs I've ever had the pleasure of working with, Jenna being the most recent addition. Thanks for being hella fun to chat with and be around~

2) VictriaOfArgus, Dragon-V0942 and KaverenTheHunter08  
Lovely presents for three other friends of mine who, if not for them, I wouldn't have learned better techniques in both Gmod and post-editing/production. Though, I think one of them got just a liiiiiiittle too grabby with her gift...

3) Skellington16 and morris169 
Yes, even on Christmas, we've been able to make some more "special" deliveries. Case in point; a Rarara for Morris and his spectacular vocal chops, and a Sunny for Psycho here for his support of the EoI and being a pal. Here's a Happy Holidays for ya both~ 
Shadow's Christmas Crunch- Part 6 by TIShadster
Shadow's Christmas Crunch- Part 6
Tonight's gift run was NOT a good one for poor Shadow Rush. But regardless, tonight's recipients; \

1) DashieMLPFiM
A peaceful offering and Happy Birthday gift to Twivine, as my thanks for being a cool guy and pretty good musician too. But she ought to keep a leash on those vines...

2) IlluMint, Darkwraith-Turk, jeriffshacob and TheCrazyDane
Gifts for more dudes (and a gal) that are all cool in my book. Illu, I know we don't speak much, but I value ya as highly as the others. And if it weren't for people like you, Turk, I don't think I'd have learned to toughen up a bit, heh.

3) juggarnautJL, spay1100, Nexus-Del-Morte and DustyOldRoses
Gifts for a gaggle of Scoots. Deleroko, thanks for stickin' with me this long and being a good friend. Same can be said for Spay and Nexus, even though we don't talk as much. And Dusty, thanks for being just as good a friend and for all them voice acting tips ya gave me, as well as probably one of the most fun Gmod Tennises I've ever had~
Shadow's Christmas Crunch- Part 5 by TIShadster
Shadow's Christmas Crunch- Part 5
Tonight's recipients:

1) IMShadow007
A beatdown of the one animatronic no one can stand for possibly one of the closest friends I've ever had; one of which I want to find in writing somewhere that we are blood siblings due to our likenesses. Bless you~ 

2) Elliot151, NickTheNikouT, Uncle-Crusty, and HongKongSniper
Gifts for a group of friends that are all certainly quirky in their own special way; and of course, NiKout for his beautiful model ports. Though, I thought I heard some kinda ruckus in mid-delivery...
Although I may not speak to you chaps as much I probably should, I still value the lot of ya highly. Stay classy. 

3) IncoheriantChipmunk and MindlessGonzo 
The gift of companionship for two more close friends of mine; Chippy for our DiScetta ship and continued support of the EoI, and Gonzo for being a pal and for more than a good share of entertaining livestreams together. 

Suddenly, Premium

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 4, 2014, 9:57 AM

So this morning I awoke to find that a generous artist by the name of GameAct3 has given me a year's worth of Premium Membership.

.....I'm honestly flattered. So I thank you~
Time for a name change!

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fusionguybrony Featured By Owner 6 days ago… , please notice him Senpai!
TIShadster Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What is WITH you people?? IT's like you EoI fantards haven't learned at all from my rant 
fusionguybrony Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hey! That does not mean that. I'm not obsessed with EoI! I can wait forever, I'm very patient to everyone I meet! What I can see from you now is that you can take your time and also please try to spend more time in real world(example; your faithful ones).
fusionguybrony Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago
Also that's what my profile picture represents. I support the people from all over the world and analysis their problems.

Try to be nice to everyone,… , your choice.
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Emeraldsound Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey shadow this is an idea for the double shadows plays you dont have to do it if you dont want to but why not use a suggestion poll right here on Da and let the people decide what you two could play you choose the games and the people choose again you don't have to do this its just an idea 
FinalPrank Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  New member
other suggestion would be games thats not five nights at freddys related cause its enough people demanding it these days
Emeraldsound Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah no fnaf 2
FinalPrank Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  New member
they could play fnaf 2 but at a much later date to keep the damn fanboys on a short leash or whatever the old saying goes
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darkzeroprojects Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
watched  a few of your gmods....
didnt know ya had a Da too :3
LanceOliverFreidom Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey. Shadow? I would like to ask you question if you have the time?
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