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Cracked minds unite by TIShadster
Cracked minds unite
"Should we warn them about that Uber?..."

A Happy Birthday present to ImpRegnius. I know you and I don't talk much, but I still value and appreciate your work, Breaking Mad or not. Stay frosty, dude. 
IMShadow007 and I finally got together last night for some fun. We played a little something called Layers of Fear. Perhaps there is more to come? 
 Who else among you all still plays Heroes of the Storm? I've got a hankering to net me some cool shiz:… ID as always is TIShadster#1238
Not exactly a piggie by TIShadster
Not exactly a piggie
Animal puns, hur hur.

Once more into the fray of Source Filmmaker and Photoshop. I REALLY want to stay on track with it, but it's a matter of maintaining focus on it. Hopefully, it'll pay off some day.
Criticisms are welcomed and appreciated. 

Enhanced Fluttershy by JuiceDane 
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic logo.svg by Tyraka628

So by all rights, I shouldn't be doing this since tags are not my thing at all. But well...some people decided to be cute.. *glares daggers at Tyraka628 and Rachidna*
So by proxy, and because it's Pony and some of the questions are kinda cool, I may as well tackle this since I'm bored out of my stupid mind. So here we go.

1. You can choose up to three answers per favorite question.
2. Answer truthfully.
3: A description explaining your answers and why you choose them is not necessary, but is preferred.
4. When done, tag as many people you want.
5. Have fun!

Question 1#: Let's start this off with the obvious: Who is your Favorite of the Mane cast? (Mane 6, Spike, Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer all count):
Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer. I'm always split between Starlight and Sunset, but Pinkie has always been my favorite of the Mane 6. Even if she has her shlocky episodes and moments now and then, I still really like her personality and her occasional darker side (since well, I can be into that thing myself). Plus, she's voiced by Andrea Libman. Can't go wrong with that.

And then, Sunset Shimmer; when the first Equestria Girls came out and I saw her, I didn't think too much of her, outside of being the generic "High School Bitch/Sore Loser" kind of character who was just out for revenge since Celestia snubbed her. But after watching the film and reading the IDW comic "The Fall of Sunset Shimmer," I started to grow to sympathize with her (more on that later). And then after Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, like many a Brony alike, I absolutely adored her, as I still do today. Really loved her in Legend of Everfree, and am looking forward to more of her in the future.

Least Favorite?:
If I had to make one choice, Applejack. I don't flat out hate her or her character, but I just don't find episodes based around her as entertaining as most others. That's not to say I don't enjoy them; just not that much. 

Question 2#: Okay, who is your Favorite Princess? (Twilight can count for this category, unless she was one of your answers for the first question):
Luna (shocker). I do wish we'd get more appearances from her, but when she does come around, it's always a treat. And "Do Princess Dream of Magic Sheep?" was a stellar episode; one of the best of Season 5 by far. 

Least Favorite?:
This will also shock everyone but, Celestia. Again, I don't flat out hate her. I just really wish she'd prove to be a bit more of a useful ruler of Equestria, outside of helping hold back the storm back at "The Crystalling." 

Question 3#: Who is your Favorite Villain? (This includes characters that originated as villains, reformed or not):
Tirek, hands down. I know some would think I'd say Discord, but I consider him more of an anti-hero at this point despite the progress he's made. But Tirek, in the time he had in "Twilight's Kingdom," proved that the new generation can be frightening. His motives here are far darker than his G1 counterpart, and the execution was almost flawless. And of course, his Dragonball Z-esque battle with Twilight in the end was amazing. I would LOVE to see him appear again.

Least Favorite?:
Again, some will be shocked by this but, Pre-Season 6 Starlight Glimmer. While I do adore Starlight now (awaiting the torches and pitchforks now), I thought her character in Season 5 was just atrocious- mainly because it was the epitome of everything I despise; someone who lies to a whole group of people and tries to force her beliefs of "friendship" onto them, and when finally caught for her crimes, not only refuses to admit to her faults but also gets away with nary a scratch on her besides getting one-upped by Twilight. And that's "The Cutie Map" in a nutshell to me, before she started popping up in other episodes. WCPsycho can vouch for me on the fact that seeing her everywhere and wondering just how she'd come back drove me up the bloody wall into All Caps territory until "The Cutie Re-Mark" finally came around. And I will admit, the lengths Starlight was willing to go to be rid of Twilight and her friends was frightening; just how she was willing to literally destroy the very fabric of Equestria's timeline to do her rival in. But then her whole reasoning for this is shown, and it was one of the weaker backstories I have seen, now that I look back on it. So while Starlight has at least gotten her place in my top Ponies spot now, I wish her execution before this point was done so much better. 

Question 4#: Who is your Favorite One-Shot Character? (These are the characters that have had at least one major role in an episode other than simple background. Ex: Daring Do, Spitfire, Princess Ember, Coco Pommel, etc. Reformed Villains and Family Members don't count, no matter how much they've appeared; they belong in the questions above and below respectively.):

....Do I even have to go into detail on this one? 
I MUST HUG YOU by TIShadster
That is all. And her performance in "To Where and Back Again" was the best. 

Least Favorite?:
Ehhhhhhh....I'm just gonna side with Rach and say Spoiled Rich. I know she only had one major episode, but my GOD, is she a cunt. And that's a word I don't normally use to describe someone I dislike. Process that.

Question 5#: Who is your Favorite Family Member? (characters that are related to a member of the Mane Cast. Ex: Shining Armor, Maud Pie, Big Macintosh, The CMC, etc): 
Apple Bloom and Maud Pie. AB has always been my favorite of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and she always will be, just 'cuz she really is the de facto leader of the bunch and has proven it. Maud, well, she's related to my favorite of the Mane 6, and she's just as capable of breaking the 4th as her sister is, so what's not to like about Rock Pony? 

Least Favorite?:
Zephyr Breeze. I was originally going to say Scootaloo since she's my least favorite of the CMC (not that I really hate her), but then I remembered this asshole. While I admit his song was kinda cute, his character in general just generally drives me away. If he shows up again, I do hope he improves.

Question 6#: Alright, fandom time. Who is your Favorite Backgrounder/Backgrounder Pair? (If you answer based on fandom interpretation, then please explain which one and why.):
Octavia and Vinyl Scratch. I guess it's just due to my video "Vinyl's Big Night" and her few appearances on the show that have made me like Vinyl, and then seeing that it's canon that her and Octavia are roommates in "Slice of Life" and they really DO mix and match their music, that kinda clinched it for me. Hoping one of these days we really will hear Vinyl speak...

Least Favorite?:
Ehhhhhh....I can't really think of anything for this one. 

Question 7#: What is your Favorite Fan-Shipping?:
Again, do I really have to go into detail?....Oh, fine, Mauxie. 

Mauxie by PinkamenaScratch
I blame the "Damp Rocks" comic by FouDubulbe for this. 

Least Favorite?:
I don't really get into shipping much outside of the one I just mentioned, but if I had to pick just one as the worst, I guess AppleShy/Flutterjack. 

Question 8#: What is your Favorite Episode(s) So Far?:
I can never pick one episode above the rest as my favorite, since I have enjoyed so many of them. But I have to specifically name "Party of One," since it's essentially the one episode that even got me interested in Friendship is Magic in the first place. 

Least Favorite?:
Princess Spike, Equestria Games and Inspiration Manifestation. I just hate how Spike was handled in all three of those episodes, and wish they had done better.

Question 9#: What is your Favorite Song(s) So Far?:
From the main show? The Smile Song, Out On My Own and Apples to the Core
From the movies (EqG)? Anything sung by the Dazzlings, The Midnight in Me and the CHS Rally Song. 

Least Favorite?:
None of the songs really flat out suck to me THAT much, but if I had to pick one, I suppose anything from "Magical Mystery Cure" that isn't A True, True Friend and Celestia's Ballad, and then ACADECA and This Is Our Big Night from the movies.

Question 10#: Now onto different kinds of Questions. How did you first hear of MLP:FIM and what got you into the fandom?: 
This one, I don't think I've ever really given greater detail on. 
Back in 2011, the first place I had even SEEN Friendship is Magic was in, of all things, a YouTube Poop Tennis I was involved in. 

(4:53 in, since the other guy closed his channel)
That's how I first discovered the existence of the show. But I never really paid it much mind at all, outside of wondering "Why is this shit even popular??" Hell, one of the first Garry's Mod videos I made that had Ponies in it was when I wasn't even a Brony at all.

It wasn't until my ex-girlfriend practically forced me to watch just one episode before giving any real judgment that I basically got into it. As I mentioned before, I started with "Party of One," and once I started watching, I couldn't stop playing it again and again and again. It was at this time that Season 2 was just starting, so I eventually graduated to that, and I've been staying with the show since. 

And then of course, this all spilled into my video work, but I'll get to that later.

Questions 11 and 12#: What would you like to see more of, and w
hat do you think the show could use more or less of in future?:

More of?:
Definitely more of the Princesses, Luna especially, and some more development on Starlight and Trixie's part, now that the latter is here to stay (hopefully). And of course, actually seeing more of Equestria.

Less of?:
I think we could do without some of the more slice of life episodes we've had (not counting the episode with that exact title) and a bit less of Rainbow Dash's attitude thus far.

Question 13#: Let's see how open to change you are. Are you on-board with Alicorn Princess Twilight, one of the fit-throwing crybabies of the fandom's filth, or just don't care which?
I have never had a problem with Twilicorn. I was shocked to see it at first, but I have never looked down upon it. Everyone else in the fandom that bitches about it, I guess just doesn't realize she's still the same Twilight as before, just with wings and more responsibility. But she's still the same adorkable little horse we've remembered Season 1. Ya damn conformists. 

Question 14#: Same question, different topic. Equestria Girls. Love it, hate it, or neutral?:
Absolutely LOVE it. I mentioned Sunset Shimmer before, so that should be an indication that I've enjoyed the Equestria Girls films. Here's hoping we get more of Midnight/Sci-Twi. 

Question 15#: Do you read MLP Fanfics, and if so which ones/what kinds are your favorites?:
I've read plenty with my mate MindlessGonzo, so yes. They're always a treat. My favorite thus far has to be All That Shimmers by Justice42. Really good piece of work, honestly. 

Question 16#: What is your favorite fan-made work(s) (videos, fanfics, music, etc) you've seen so far?
The aforementioned All That Shimmers, and any Fluttershy Plays video by Vannamelon

Least Favorite?:
Most of these sorts of things tend to come and go, so I can't really give a definitive answer on this.

Question 17#: Got any MLP fanworks of your own for us to check out?:
Besides the Elements of Insanity? Most definitely. 
I have a few other things I'm proud of. Primarily the Gmod Tennis series I'm doing right now with BriefCasey795, DaWillstanator and Vannamelon, "Pinkie Pie's Exciting Adventure." You can find the most recent part here.

There's also the aforementioned "Vinyl's Big Night" (of which I'm currently working on a sequel to)

And my Lyrish series, which basically mixed My Little Pony with Five Nights at Freddy's. The most recent episode is here

Question 18#: Do you think the show benefited from Faust's departure or suffered for it?:
Since I said already "Party of One" was what got me into the show, and that was when Lauren Faust was still on the team, I do still appreciate her works. But yeah, I'd say the show's certainly improved since she left.

Question 19#: Despite Hasbro already confirming that the IDW comics are not-canon to the show, which one is your favorite?:
Again, I can't really pick a definitive comic as my favorite, so I guess the Nightmare Rarity arc.

Question 20#: Are you excited for the MLP Movie?:

You bet your arse I'm excited.

There. Done. Not gonna tag anyone else, since this is just stupid. 


TIShadster's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm just a Gmodder that loves doing what I do best. All are welcome to join me in the comfort of inverted darkness....

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